About Shamba

Shamba provides the data and tools to build parametric real-world decentralized applications. Whether your application is crop insurance, carbon markets or ESG projects, we provide what you need to power it.

Our Data

The data we provide is derived from the satellite data of various space agencies. Most biophysical phenomena measured by earth observation satellites can be succinctly described using statistical metrics. As such, our oracle provides descriptive statistics that summarize how a measured value behaved over a given period. The specific metrics we provide are:

  • Minimum

  • Maximum

  • Mean

  • Median

  • Standard Deviation

  • Variance

Using these five metrics any spatial phenomena can be described in an objective and quantitative manner. We run analytics on various datasets to compute these descriptive statistics which can be used (individually or as a group) in smart contract logic.

Aside from statistically describing a dataset, we also provide fire occurrence analysis. More details on both of these analytics are provided in this documentation.

Our Tools

Insights Tool


Insights tool

Explore remote sensing datasets over an area of interest, examining both the temporal and spatial variation using graphs and maps.

Contracts Tool


Contracts tool

Create specifications for a parametric smart contract and generate boilerplate Solidity code that you can extend and customize into any application.